ALVES CABLE Production Facilities

Energy Cables Production Facility

Alves Cable continues its production and sales policy with a focus on exports and projects by increasing its capacity to 2000 tons of cables per month with its latest factory established in Ankara Kahramankazan in 2020 with an investment of 10 million Euro and increasing its staff to 150 people.

Alves Cable launched its first factory, the Istanbul Hadımköy production facility in 2014, with 0.6 / 1kW Copper and Aluminum Conductor Power Cables, Flame Resistant Halogen Free Special Cables and an infrastructure capable of carrying up to 3 kW in accordance with customer demands manufactures cables.


Alves Cable, with its latest factory in Ankara, Energy Cables Factory, which is established with an investment of 10 million €, wants to increase its capacity to 2000 tons of cable production and its personnel to 150 people and to develop and develop an export and project oriented production and sales policy.







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